Canniatric CBD Pechoti Oil


Canniatric Full Spectrum Pechoti CBD Oil.

The Pechoti Method or Nabhi Chikitsa is an Ayurvedic method that involves applying a therapeutic oil inside and around your belly button. (Navel)

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Canniatric Full Spectrum Pechoti CBD Oil.

How does it work?
“There are about 72,000 veins that run directly through your belly button throughout your entire body,” our gut contains many cannabinoid receptors and determines central nervous system disorders. Therefore, when you apply Pechoti oil into the belly button, it’s systemically absorbed throughout the body. In Ayurveda, this method of intake is an integrated approach to endocrinology, both with Cannabidiol and other herbs.

The Pechoti method is similar to suppositories, in that it’s systemic (absorbed by your whole system rather than localized) yet non-psychoactive. It’s an option for children or those who don’t react well or can’t ingest orally, such as a pregnant woman combating morning sickness or a cancer patient experiencing nausea and vomiting. However, anyone can put this oil in their belly button.