Alive Well Thrive – Nano CBD Enhancer 1000mg 2oz



Full Spectrum Nano CBD Enhancer

1000 MG (2 fl oz)


I am obsessed over adding empowering ingredients in my food that will keep me ALIVE, WELL and THRIVING! You may ask why in food? Food because eating is what we do most every day.

Ingredients – Turmeric with black pepper, Ginger root, Full Spectrum Nano Tech CBD

How to use:
● Add to any food: smoothie, juices, coffee, tea, water, soup, salad dressing, and
marinade. Add after the food has cooked.
● With all dietary supplements, consult your physician before use especially if you are
currently on medications, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have other medical conditions.

Health Benefits:
● Ease digestion
● Boost Immune System
● Anti-Inflammation
● Antioxidant rich and can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.